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Chess in Schools 2020 Project

The survey is the result of a collaboration between the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and the European Chess Union (ECU). The goal is to gather reliable information on the current state of chess in schools worldwide as a basis for future development strategies.

FIDE-ECU Supervisory Council

Arkady Dvorkovich - FIDE President

Bachar Kouatly - FIDE Deputy President

Judit Polgar - FIDE Honorary Vice President

Smbat Lputian - Chairman of the FIDE Education Commission

Leontxo Garcia – FIDE Educational Advisor

Dana Reizniece – ECU Vice President and Project Supervisor

Jesper Hall - Chairman of ECU Education Commission and Survey Project Manager

John Foley – Certification Group Manager

Survey Group/Advisors

Jesper Hall (Project Manager)

Jerry Nash (Secretary) – Survey Consultant

Leontxo Garcia – Survey Consultant

Dijana Dengler – Survey Consultant

Serob Khachatryan – Survey Consultant

Kristine Tanajyan – Survey Consultant

Maria Zaslavskaya – Survey Consultant

Nune Gevorgyan – Survey Consultant

John Foley – Survey Group Advisor, Certification Group Leader

Vahan Sargsyan – Survey Group Advisor

Certification Group/Advisors

John Foley – Certification Group Manager

Vahan Sargsyan – Certification Group Advisor

Tech Group/Advisors

Roberto Schenker - Tech Group Manager, Manager Chess4Kids

Stefan Loffler - Tech Group Advisor